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Mindful Logistical Solutions Limited (MLS) was incorporated to provide clients with reliable solutions to their most complex logistics and functional construction needs which includes tiling, business interiors, fabrication, paint furnishing, HR training and structuring business facilities challenges. Our vision is to abide by our mission creating value services based on our underlying principles. Read more          Mindful Logistical Solutions (MLS) supports the strategy of achieving a sustained increase in the value to our customers through innovative solutions for business practices that help to conserve resources.  The aim is to harmonize the economic, environmental and social benefits of corporate activity by acting responsibly. Read more                                                                                               



A clean, well-kept facility will enhance your company’s image and give way to a more productive and focused work force. We specialize in offering a tailor made, comprehensive cleaning program for your business. Our team members are the most experienced professionals in the business and our proven methods provide healthy and safe working environments for our clients each and every day.


Integrated Facilities Management Services

At MLS we offer a wide range of specialty services. All functional parts of construction residential/ commercial and/or industrial plant requirements. We also supply specialized products for varying applications. We distribute, through our sister company Caribbean Design and Metrology Services (CDMS) Limited.


Supplies and Equipment

MLS can help you simplify your supply needs by offering a complete range of functional maintenance services. By outsourcing your supply needs to us, you can minimize paperwork, invoices, and eliminate purchasing / shipping errors thereby further reducing your expenses.


Price Benefits for Customers

MLS is able to achieve significant purchase price benefits for companies. And there are three main reasons for that.  First, a coordinated procedure leads to large order quantities, which in turn can be used to obtain good prices. Secondly, specialized sellers are always up-to-date on the latest market developments.  Finally, the innovative software solutions of MLS help to process procurement procedures efficiently and flexibly.